333D has partnered with leading 3D technology providers the world over – creating new, innovative market offerings through the convergence of digital and manufacturing 3D capabilities.


Prodways website

Prodways Group is an international leader in the industrial 3D printer market. 333D is the authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor of Prodways 3D printers, including the ‘Prodways powered by Farsoon’ and MOVINGLight lines.

doob group ag

Doob group website

doob is a full service 3D tech company, founded in Dusseldorf, Germany with regional headquarters in New York and Tokyo. 333D holds exclusive rights to market doob’s 360 degree camera array for the capture and creation of 3d printed miniature figurines into Australia and New Zealand.

Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D Website

Airwolf 3D is a southern California based manufacturer of a wide range of fused filament desktop 3D printers. 333D is an authorised reseller of AirWolf 3D printers.

CREOpop pte ltd

creopop website

CreoPop is a venture-backed company headquartered in Singapore and makers of the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. Their technology includes a large selection of cool inks, which make possible 3d printing in different colors, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink and body paint ink. 333D’s holds a Collaboration Agreement (CA) with CreoPop to co-develop two new printers: a commercial-grade 3d printer designed to use CreoPop’s extensive range of photopolymer resins and a small footprint printer that incorporates a docking cradle for the CreoPop cool ink 3d pen to incorporate additional functionality.

The Big Freeze Worldwide

The big freeze website

The Big Freeze is a market leader in frozen motion and virtual motion technology. This capability delivers true high-definition images of subjects in 360 degrees, which can be easily shared through various media channels to build brands. The Big Freeze has worked with some of the largest and most prominent companies in the world, including ESPN, Nike, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Ford, and the NBA. 333D holds exclusive sales and marketing rights for The Big Freeze in the South East Asian market, which includes Australia, New Zealand and China.