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333D  Print  On-Demand
FDM  |  SLS  |  Metal  |  Colour-Jet  |  DLP Resin
Functional,  Dynamic  or  Organic  3D  Printing
Lowest  cost,  fast  turnaround  |  Guaranteed



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Our printing service offers Australia’s largest range of systems producing parts in a variety of materials and sizes capable of printing up to 2 cubic metres.

Our skilled in-house team including industrial and bio-medical design engineers are able to assist with design and prototyping, all the way through to full-scale production. Experienced in automotive, aerospace, architecture, product development, defence and medical industries.
333D can offer a wide range of solutions to manufacture your parts exactly as designed.

For further information please contact Tim or complete the contact form:

[team_member img=”17596″ name=”Tim Naylor” title=”Business Development Manager” image_height=”100%” image_width=”21″ image_radius=”100″]

Ph: +61 401 219 427     |    Email: tim@333d.com.au


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