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About 333D


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333D Limited (ASX: T3D) has been established with a clear strategy to become Australia’s leading integrated multi-platform 3D technology company.

Our goal is to make 3D technology accessible to everyone – which means creating a seamless, more intuitive process for converting ideas, designs, and real-life images into 3D printable objects. Our leading-edge approach unites the latest in next-generation digital and manufacturing technology to make 3D printing frictionless for businesses, industries, and schools.

Our capabilities:

  • 3D Printers: We design, engineer and custom manufacture large-format industrial 3d printers to spec and are Australia’s only authorised distributors of Prodways and Airwolf 3D lines. 
  • 3D Print Bureau: Our print services division provides on-demand 3D printing on Australia’s broadest array of 3D printing equipment, making possible and affordable rapid prototyping or custom jobs in the widest variety of materials – from titanium to nylon, ABS, resin, gypsum, and more.
  • 3D Digital Capture: Strategic partnerships with leading 3D digital technology companies give us the ability to easily capture, enhance, and convert real-life images into touchable 3D objects.